How to Understand and Communicate Your Value

Ep: 11

“Understanding where your value comes from and communicating it effectively to others is truly how you build wealth, opportunity, and freedom in your life.” –Blake Schofield (0:39 – 0:52)

Your self-worth is not determined by a list of check boxes.

From a very young age, women are taught incorrectly how to measure their inherent value. As students, we’re encouraged to achieve the highest grades possible. Achievements, check! As mothers, we’re expected to sacrifice all our time in devotion to helping others. Helpfulness, check! As businesswomen, we’re seen useful based on our career-focused choices, years of experience, and past successes. Only as good as my title, got it! Do you recognize the detrimental pattern? Over and over society hammers in the false understanding that value is determined by the number of boxes checked off a result-driven list. But this is simply not true. You have an inherent value that transcends society’s requirements.

“Even without results, or the work you do for other people, or whatever those things may be, you still have your own unique value to offer the world just because of who you are as a person.” – Blake Schofield (13:11 – 13:22)

You are unique and individual. Your experiences, perspective, and insight are different from anyone else and therefore necessary to this world. In order to stand firm in your self-worth, you must first embrace who you are as a person and then effectively communicate that value to others.

Embrace who you are. Prepare to have a serious heart to heart with yourself. Consider the statement, “I am valuable because…” What comes to mind? What do you believe makes you valuable? The complete statement should be “I am valuable because of who I am.” If this isn’t the case, you most likely have some limiting beliefs holding you back! For example, if you believe your value stems solely from how well you get along with others, then a situation with interpersonal conflict will cause great grief. The fear of being seen as invaluable causes your subconscious to do whatever necessary to maintain a well-liked persona. When you base your value on anything outside of who you are, you head towards a disappointing end of frustration and burnout. It’s just not worth it! Come back to the truth. You have value stemming from all aspects of your unique individualism. Appreciate your talents, gifts, and passions. Remember that self-worth encapsulates more than just what you do, it’s about who you are.

Communicate your value effectively. Women are often shamed and dismissed for standing firm in their value and demanding equal pay, recognition, and fair opportunities. But you have the power to claim what is rightfully yours! All you have to do is showcase your unique individualism. How do you do this? Brag! Share in a positive light the value you have to offer. For example, a buyer is on the hunt for a new camera but is unsure of which model to purchase. What do they do? They research specifications and read reviews to gain an understanding of the best camera for them on the market. It’s no different in business! Your goal is to boost the confidence others have in your ability to provide them with the results they’re seeking. Shift your perspective to effectively communicate that your value as a person and professional is worth a great investment of time and money.

“In sharing our value, and helping other people understand our value, we actually provide a service to them and ourselves.”

– Blake Schofield (4:12 – 4:19)

Positive self-worth is the most important quality any female can possess. It is the dictator of success in business. Unfortunately, for so long society has been twisting self-worth into a list of checkboxes. The more checks in achievements, helpfulness, and title-filled responsibilities the higher the value. No more! Say goodbye to this detrimental pattern and remove the lid confining your creativity and potential as a businesswoman. Stand firm in your unique individualism and communicate to others what you have to offer to claim a life of wealth, opportunity, and freedom. Refuse to check off any more boxes. Wipe out that list! You know your true value.


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