Unlearn Beliefs that Limit Your Life & Success

Ep: 112

There are the paths well traveled, and then there are those waiting to be walked. If you’ve ever had an idea or a dream about how you’d like to shape your career, but you’ve yet to take action, you’re not alone. It’s not easy to walk away from the security of a stable paycheck and a clear trajectory up the ladder. But, if there’s something inside of you signaling that it’s time for change, then you owe it to yourself to explore that hunch.

In today’s episode you’ll hear how Cady North did just that. After a successful corporate career that wasn’t really fulfilling her, she took a time out and a leap of faith, and she never looked back. She’s a personal finance professional and founder of North Financial Advisors, and author of “The Resiliency Effect.” Her story is one of resilience, pause, and unlearning in an effort to find balance and greater fulfillment in the way you choose to spend your time.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why taking a break is sometimes the best medicine (2:16)
  • A reminder that we’re more than what we do (5:44)
  • The truth about risk when you’re on the wrong path (10:21)
  • When your body knows more than your mind is willing to admit (11:29)
  • Why prioritizing self-care is simpler than you think (17:44)
  • The benefits of unlearning (23:06)
  • The consequence of dreaming, rather than doing (27:05)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. Our lens on life really starts from our childhood, and what we see and experience- we either end up recreating that, or we intentionally create the opposite. -Blake
  2. I was actually increasing my risk every month, every year, I stayed on a path that was wrong for me. And I really didn’t understand the cost to my family, and those people that I loved, as well as my health. -Blake
  3. I had to unlearn that it was unsafe to express emotion, or to even be angry. So many of us look at some emotions “good emotions”, and others as “bad emotions”, so we stay away from them. It was an interesting process for me unlearning that anger was a bad thing. Anger, for me, is a really helpful indicator. -Cady
  4. If your entire life is based off of dreaming about the stuff you want, but allowing the fears or the doubts, or the lack of knowledge about how to do things to stand in your way, you ultimately will lead a life that is unfulfilled. You will lead a life where you keep wondering, there should be something more. -Blake

Connect with Cady:

  • Check out Cady’s new book, The Resiliency Effect, and get a sneak peek HERE!
  • Connect with Cady on LinkedIn.

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