Unlocking Your Creative Genius

Ep: 115

If you’re coming home from work late, day after day, feeling emotionally drained and way too tired to do any of the things that really make you happy, you’re not alone. It’s all too common to feel down and less-than-motivated about the work you do. But, the big question is, what action will you take to change your life?

In today’s episode, Blake sits down with Victoria Song, leadership advisor to some of the most visionary founders and CEOs in Silicon valley, and influential celebrities alike. You’ll hear her personal journey of finding joy and meaning in a career that aligns with her innate superpowers after suffering her high-paying “success on paper” job for years. This episode will help you identify the current phase of your career journey, and provide actionable tips for expanding beyond the confining comfort of the corporate paycheck so that you can find the fulfillment you deserve.

What You’ll Learn:
• Aligning your career with your superpowers and finding purpose (2:48)
• The moment you know you’re ready for change (5:45)
• The life changing potential of hiring a coach (9:06)
• 3 career stages that everyone experiences (19:12)
• Why you’re never trapped in a career that isn’t aligned with who you are (21:58)
• How to expand when you’re feeling contracted (25:33)
• What your feelings of burnout are trying to tell you (32:23)

Favorite Quotes:
1. I had been telling myself, “I should just appreciate where I’m at, I’m making money, I have a great job”. But as much as I tried to convince myself, I was just facing the pain of “I’m not happy”. And instead of thinking there’s something wrong with me for not feeling happy at a great job, making good money, I decided to really listen. -Victoria Song
2. When you’re in phase one, it can feel like very toxic motivation. Because, not only are you drained and exhausted doing a job that you don’t love, but it ripples out into your personal life. -Victoria Song
3. We get stuck thinking that this is it. And this discontent that we start to feel in our careers and in our lives is a gift. We just don’t realize it when we’re in it. -Blake Schofield

Connect with Victoria Song on Instagram @VictoriaESong, or by visiting her website, www.victoriasong.me, where you can preorder her book, Bending Reality, and get exclusive access to free techniques and exercises.

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