What Your Fears About Money Are Costing You with Elizabeth Pearson

Ep: 20

“If you believe you deserve money and find gratitude in what you already have, you’re on the fast track to manifesting more money into your life.” –Elizabeth Pearson (53:58-54:08)

Whether you’re changing careers or going off on your own, taking a pay cut can be one of the biggest fear-inducing obstacles you face. In order to live the life you want, you can’t let your fears around money dictate the decisions you make. Instead, cultivate the belief that you are worthy of money instead of seeing abundance as something only others deserve.

“Mediocrity is relative to each person. There’s no level of success that can be labeled as ‘good enough’ or not. It’s about what feels true to you.” – Elizabeth Pearson (7:08-7:20)

Elizabeth Pearson is a public speaker and executive career coach. She helps women, entrepreneurs, and executives increase their income by an additional six figures within a year’s time. Her work is rooted in helping others understand how they think about money and the fears that impact their everyday lives.

Elizabeth climbed the career ladder working with multimillion dollar brands like Coca-Cola and Vitamin Water. But she soon found that something was missing in her life. The career she set out to achieve wasn’t giving her the fulfillment she once had. She eventually left her corporate career and launched her coaching business. The lessons she learned along the way have helped her clients transition into the careers and lives that truly make them happy.

The Money Mindset Obstacles of Today’s Working Women

The feeling that there’s something more for you is your inner voice telling you that you might be moving in the wrong direction. It’s up to you to listen to that voice and take action. As women, we aren’t taught to think about what we want and bring it into reality. Most of us learn that we have to just be kind to others and take care of everyone else before we take care of ourselves.

“Having an abundant mindset and understanding your beliefs about money, and what they’re costing you in life, allows you to move forward in a much more impactful and much more aligned way.” – Blake Schofield (1:00:03-1:00:20)

Overcoming Money Fears and Creating the Life You Want

It can be difficult to spend the time, energy, money, and other resources to invest in ourselves. Many of us stopped investing in personal development once we received our college degree. When we’re stuck in a place of unfulfillment, personal development can be exactly what we need to get back on track. Investing in a coach or mentor is one of the best ways to identify limiting beliefs and develop new believe that will propel you towards whatever you want out of life. Learn to spend money with an open heart instead of a scarcity mindset. Only then can it be a positive transfer of energy.

When moving into a new season of life, it can be easy to hate on others who seem to have unlimited financial resources. However, when you stay in this mindset you hold yourself back from attaining the same financial abundance that others have created for themselves. A scarcity mindset forces you to cut back on the things that bring you joy. The fear that there is never enough limits the ability you have to live in abundance.

Sometimes our fears about money are tied to our self-worth. When you believe you deserve the good things in life while having gratitude for the things you already have, you manifest more abundance in your work and move forward in a more impactful and meaningful way.

It’s time to stop letting the fear of money hold you back from all that you are meant to achieve. Don’t let fear cost you the fulfillment you deserve.


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