When and Why You Should Hire a Coach (and What You Need to Look For)

Ep: 16

“With the right coaching, women can create more fulfilling and impactful lives.” –Blake Schofield (3:12-3:19)

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but the journey to fulfillment can be difficult, full of obstacles and bumps in the road. Have you ever considered working with a coach? Personal experience, and extensive research has shown me that working with a coach helps you get better and faster results in everything you do. Even though coaching has been around for quite some time, many women still don’t utilize these valuable services. Are you making the investment to leverage the knowledge, insights, and experiences of others who’ve paved similar paths? Let me tell you why it’s so worth it!

“Coaches are there to help you get the right tools, support, and strategies to level up and create the change and the growth you want in life and career.” – Blake Schofield (10:48-11:03)

Why You Should Hire a Coach

A report by the Manchester Consulting Group highlights how coaching can enhance performance in Fortune 100 executives. The report showed the following reasons why a coach is the right choice for anyone looking to achieve better results.

  • 77% improvement in relationships
  • 67% improvement in teamwork
  • 61% improvement in job satisfaction

Coaches give you tools, strategies, and support. They’ve developed the skills and expertise you need to achieve a new level of growth and fulfillment.

How Do You Know When Coaching is Right for You?

If you’re motivated to create a better life and make a big change, a coach may be the investment you need. You may be feeling stuck, but know deep down that you really want to improve yourself and grow. I am a firm believer that nearly everyone will benefit from the investment in the right coach.

The right coach for you is one who has journeyed a similar path, has figured out how to achieve success, and can help you get the same results. You can’t see the label from the inside of the bottle. There are times when it’s necessary to get an outside perspective to eliminate the roadblocks that are in the way of success, growth, and fulfillment.

Have you taken the time to identify your unique strengths and gifts? Coaching can show you the possibilities that are there for you and help you overcome feelings of doubt and fear.

“The strongest coaches have a clear niche. They know who gets the best results, and they help clients address a specialized set of problems and goals.” – Blake Schofield (13:10-13:23)

If you’re struggling in any area of life, you can find a coach to help you identify and overcome the challenges you’re facing. There are coaches who specialize in each area.

Life coaches help with personal development. Career coaches help you with your career strategy and tactical skills such as interviewing and preparing your resumé. Business coaches focus on a specific area in your career.

How to Choose a Coach to Create Your Own Version of Success

Different coaches have unique approaches. In order for coaching to be a wise investment, it’s so important to find one who fits your specific wants, needs, and goals.

The following are questions you should ask yourself when looking for the right coach.

  • Do they have expertise in the areas you need help with?
  • Are they clear on the specific problems they address?
  • Do your personalities fit together?
  • Are they honest and upfront about what you should expect and what you need to do to succeed?

Figure out what you need. Some coaches only offer group coaching programs. You might need a more individualized approach. Other coaches might have a “do it on your own” approach to coaching. But you might need more accountability and guidance. You get the most benefit out of coaching when you work with the right person.

If there’s something you want to create in your life, coaching can help you identify the steps you need to get you there. You’ll see the bigger picture and create your own version of success and personal fulfillment.


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