Why Do We Resist Starting Over When It Could Be the Answer to Our Problems?

Ep: 14

“The unknown is an opportunity for more possibilities in your life instead of staying stuck in imagining what might be.” –Blake Schofield (22:10-22:23)

Imagine spending one third of your life doing something that doesn’t make you happy. This seems crazy, and yet, more professionals are falling into a cycle of believing that having a job they hate is normal. When you consider that 85% of people hate their jobs, you wonder what keeps them from doing the same thing every single day? Maybe it’s not so crazy for you, because it is the place you find yourself right now.

At the root of this tendency to settle is a resistance to change. It’s hard to change a significant part of our lives even when we know it’s making us unhappy. We can be so afraid of making mistakes and failing in front of others that we don’t take action, and we just accept things as they are.

“We can get into a cycle of believing that hating our work is normal. So we have a workforce of people who are unengaged, uninspired, and unfulfilled in their jobs.” – Blake Schofield (1:08-1:33)

Climbing the Ladder, and Getting Stuck

Most professionals start on the same path. They don’t know what to expect when they’re fresh out of school, and face pressure from others to prove themselves and climb the professional ladder.

Often we feel like we need to make more money and do the things that cause others to respect us. And then, when the career path isn’t as exciting or energizing as we hoped, we can find ourselves job-hopping in search of fulfillment. It can be so discouraging when each job begins to resemble the previous, and we still feel that nagging sense that something is missing.

Over time, we can become resigned and think, “This is just how it’s going to be.” We normalize our circumstances and convince ourselves to accept that there’s nothing better out there for us.

It becomes harder to try new things, and easy to become entrenched in job and career. Fears around failure and change stop many people in their tracks.

It’s so important to understand the reasons why we’re afraid and the ways we handle fear. Fear is an emotion like any other. It is powerful, and can feel paralyzing. But it’s also an opportunity to explore what you’re really afraid of and question if it’s actually true.

Where Did You Learn to Resist Change?

Our beliefs about change can also lead to resistance. These beliefs can appear early in our lives. As children, change is hard because we have a limited perspective. Children rarely have control over the change that occurs in their lives. However, life events, through the lens of a child, can shape the way we view change as we grow into adults.

When I was young, my parents divorced, causing us to move twice. I was uprooted from a safe environment with friends, comfort, familiarity, and moved to a place where I didn’t feel like I fit in. In this season of my life, change was so painful, difficult, and confusing. This became my lens for change – how I processed it from that point on.

Looking at the Positive Results of Change

When we experience change as negative, we overlook the positive aspects of change. In fact, change isn’t actually what’s difficult. In the circumstances of my childhood, the relationships I’d developed was the painful part of my parents’ divorce, and the subsequent move. As I have allowed myself to understand that, and embrace the of importance relationships and belonging, I can recognize that change can be empowering, exciting, and was the path that led to fulfillment in my own life.

Think about what you want to change in your life. Is it your career? Is it your work-life balance? What can you put in place to make sure you stay on the right path? What are the beliefs that stand in the way of you making these changes? Examining and reframing them will help you make a successful transition into your new self.

“Making a career shift or transition into entrepreneurship can be done step by step to mitigate risk and fear.” – Blake Schofield (18:37-18:52)

Working with a mentor or coach can help you build a bridge to your new career. You can create a step-by-step process that lets you transition as slowly or as quickly as you’d like. Taking a measured approach mitigates risk and fear. Change really is a gift when you see the positive things that can happen as a result of taking new actions.

Maybe the things holding you back aren’t real factors. Don’t let fear be the driving force in your life. Find out where it’s causing you to make choices that don’t serve you. Focus on times when change had positive results. Change is a doorway to peace, happiness, and fulfillment in life. But it’s up to you to open that door and take the first step.

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