Why Waiting Until You Have Savings Before Investing in Your Business Could Actually Be Sabotaging Your Success

Ep: 13

“Most people, in building a business, don’t understand the value and importance of investing to gain the right skills and momentum.” –Blake Schofield (5:11 – 5:22)

The value and importance of investing in your business sooner rather than later.

You’re ready to leave your corporate job and create a life on your own terms. But now is not the best time. After all, you have plenty of debt and barely any savings. It’s best to wait until everything is in order before you even think about investing in your own business. Right? Wrong! Waiting might actually be sabotaging your success!

To prove my point, let’s use an example of two women in corporate America. Abbey and Betty were just like you. They were unhappy and unfulfilled, eager to make the move into entrepreneurship. While they both had good credit with the ability to leverage their assets and acquire loans, each woman took a different approach than the other to build their business over a time period of one year. Abbey decided to wait before investing. Betty went all in. As a result, one suffered and one thrived.

“Understand the value of investing. Not only can you cut back in order to build up savings, but you can actually make more money to build up savings!” – Blake Schofield (2:48 – 2:55)

Abbey decided it was best to get everything in order before heavily investing in her business. She cut down expenses and slowly began to build her business on her own. Many hours were spent researching what services she could best offer and designing a website for her business. Unfortunately, the website gained little traction and generated no momentum. At the end of one year, all of her hard work, sweat, and hustle amounted to only a grand total of $15 earned. Abbey had saved $5 from cutting down her expenses and profited only in $10 from her business. Now obviously, in reality, we would deal with much greater numbers. But for the sake of this example let’s keep it real simple and continue. Things continued to get worse at her corporate job and with every passing day, it was solidified that Abbey was not where she was meant to be. But over the last year, Abbey was unable to gain the right skills and momentum necessary to leave her corporate job in confidence because she didn’t invest. Sadly, she would have to stay put.

In comparison, Betty, who understood the value of investing and how to leverage money appropriately, made four years of progress in one year. Betty took $30 out of the bank and invested in getting the right skills and support to begin building her business. With support and guidance, she learned to focus her time and energy on reaching the right clients, developing messaging, and designing a rock hard business model. It required hard work and money up front but at the end of one year, Betty successfully made a $90 profit from her business. That’s a net worth of $60 going right into her savings for later use! That same week Betty handed in her two-week notice. Her investment had laid a foundation for growth, generating enough momentum over the last year to bridge the distance and cross comfortably into entrepreneurship.

“Remove the risk of having to leap into entrepreneurship and really build a bridge that will enable you to create life on your own terms.” – Blake Schofield (6:49 – 6:56)

The truth is you don’t have to wait until all your debt is paid off or your savings account is full to invest in your own business! You can and should invest as soon as possible to reach success. There’s really no excuse not to. You could even use a 0% APR credit card or take out a loan. Contradictory to popular belief, not all credit card debt is bad! In fact, one of the smartest things you can do is leverage credit to make more money to then pay back at a later time.

I know it can be scary to spend money to make money. But like Betty, you want to invest sooner rather than later to gain the right skills and momentum to set your business on a forward trajectory. Your investment, big or small, will provide the bricks necessary for you to build a bridge of fulfillment strong enough to cross comfortably from your corporate job into entrepreneurship. Don’t sabotage your success! Invest in your business today and enable yourself to create life on your own terms!


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