Is Work Bleeding into Your Life?

Ep: 79

Work life balance is always a hot topic…but amidst this pandemic and the shift of working from home, the risk of burnout, depression and an all-out war is building for working moms. COVID is the great accelerator – the cracks in the foundation are now starting to become full-fledged gaps.

So what do you do about it when you feel stuck in Groundhog Day, are overwhelmed with your workload and don’t feel like you are able to separate life from work?  It’s time for a change – and it starts with getting clear on the root cause of the issue and what you really want for your life.

On this episode of the Bridge to Fulfillment podcast, Blake discusses the chronic stress and huge potential for burnout that a lot of working women are experiencing in the days of COVID, taking a deep dive into the shift towards clarity that will help you navigate the chaos, and the massive positive changes you can reap for yourself with the right effort in the right places. Tune in for a boost of insight and energy to push you through these difficult days.

You’ll Learn

  • How to identify the specific factors causing your overwhelm and the never-ending backlog of work
  • Why boundaries are the golden key to empowering yourself and the people around you in your career (and why this goes double during the pandemic)
  • What the biggest risks that stand in the way of your progress look like and how to clear them away
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“Your values are your natural way of working. When you can get clear on what’s driving the overwhelm and burnout and work on the root causes, then you can begin to see the forest for the trees.” –Blake Schofield


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