How to Keep Your Sanity Working from Home During the COVID Pandemic

Ep: 59

Coronavirus has thrown us all for a loop – many of us now find ourselves working with a completely new schedule or environment as we self-isolate, and that comes with a ton of new challenges. How do you navigate this new normal?

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake gives listeners some useful tips and tools for staying on track and staying sane while working from home through the coronavirus crisis, including structuring your time, managing your kids’ schedules and adjusting your perspective to make the most of an uncertain time. Tune in for a breath of fresh air just when you need it most.

You’ll Learn

  • How working from home can make you even more effective than working from an office
  • Why self-care is currently more important than ever
  • How to treat this period of self-isolation and potential anxiety as a gift, not a curse
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“This too will pass. And the question is, are you using this time to get you where you want to go long-term, or are you using this time absorbing in activities, spending your time doing things that really aren’t creating what you really want in your life?” Blake Schofield


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