Worried You’ll Have to Go Back to School or Start Over?

Ep: 131

Most people believe that in order to make a big, meaningful career change, you have to go back to school or start over all the way at the bottom. Not only is that a myth, but it also has the potential to be a costly mistake. Transitioning in your career isn’t about spending money on another degree and starting over. In fact, it’s actually a lot more achievable than that with significantly less risk and immense gain.

In today’s episode, Blake explains why so many women fall into the trap of believing that more education brings greater career flexibility. She talks about the all-too-familiar path we tend to follow towards change, and why it doesn’t always lead to what we were looking for. If you’re looking for the most impactful route to real change, asking for help has the potential to save you time, money, and ultimately, help you finally gain peace of mind.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The typical path we follow when we want to create change (0:50)
  • The signs that you and your path are misaligned (3:27)
  • Why more education doesn’t necessarily lead to more professional success (6:20)
  • When not getting what you wanted actually turns out to be a gift (8:09)
  • Why it all starts with clarity about the outcome you want (9:08)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. The problem is that the majority of the time these beliefs that we have, that we have to start over at the bottom that we have to take a huge pay cut, or we have to go back to school, they’re just not true. But it’s the thing that keeps us stuck for years.
  2. You likely already have most of the skills you need to transition into a different role, industry, company, or career. But, without the right framework to uncover it, and then help you understand how to reposition yourself, you will likely miss it.
  3. If you aren’t clear on the outcome you want, and you don’t have the right framework and strategy, that tactic is not going to solve the root cause of your problem.
  4. It’s not just about moving to the next job. It’s about moving to the right one.

Rather than hoping the grass will be greener, identify what the RIGHT next step is.

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