Wrapping Up the Fulfillment Roadmap

Ep: 33

“Most people see the transition to a fulfilling career as something tactical. But tactics come from personal transformation.” –Blake Schofield (00:59 – 1:12)

If you’re feeling unfulfilled, it’s time to dig deeper. Over the past month, we’ve discussed what the roadmap looks like with the guests featured on our podcast. They have different backgrounds and journeys, but they’ve all built the bridge to a fulfilling career. Most people think transitioning into a new career is tactical. But the tactics can only come from personal transformation.

“Our lack of fulfillment is a clear sign that it’s time to dig deep, get to who we are and what we value, and then align it with our lives.” –Blake Schofield (1:26 – 1:38)

We often try to solve unhappiness by addressing surface-level things. Maybe you think a shorter commute, a pleasant boss, or more creative work is the key to your fulfillment. But our lack of satisfaction is a clear sign that it’s time to dig deep, get to who we are and what we value, and then align it with our lives.

How to Discover Your Ideal Path

The guests on the podcast over the last month have given you a peek into what it really looks like to be at a crossroads when you’re searching for more meaning in your life.

While they all have different backgrounds and different paths, they all have something in common. Each guest knew more about what they didn’t want, instead of what their ideal life looked like. They learned that the stress and anxiety they felt were the biggest factors that kept them from identifying their goals.

Once they let go of the fear and doubt, they all experienced new levels of freedom they never had before. They learned to be confident in their values, skills, and unique experiences. They went from feeling like life was happening to them to being in control of their future. We got crystal clear on the right strategies for them. We spent discovered their highest value in the market. Then we uncovered their “secret-sauce” transferable skills.

We focused on building a custom business model built around their unique set of skills and experiences. For the career change journey, we had to get clear on the right criteria for finding a fulfilling job. We also covered negotiation skills to make sure they get paid what they deserve in their new positions.

“When you let go of beliefs and thought patterns that hold you back, you discover new levels of personal freedom you never expected.” –Blake Schofield (2:51 – 3:00)

Rather than hoping the grass will be greener, identify what the RIGHT next step is.

We can help you do just that.

Get clarity on where you are on your journey to career fulfillment, where you’re headed, optional paths to get there, and the right next step to take.

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