Together, we can help women align work with their skills & passions to create more fulfilling careers and lives.

I spent 18 years in Corporate America building, growing and turning around 8 and 9 figure businesses, including a $600 million dollar business at Target corporation & building a business from scratch at Stitch Fix that launched with over 75,000 women on a wait list.

Despite enjoying parts of my career & having a lot of success, I would find myself going through cycles of feeling energized, followed by feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

In 2017, I left my corporate career & finally found the peace, balance & fulfillment I’d been seeking.  

My personal journey through three career changes, multiple cross-country moves and years of going through the cycle of searching LinkedIn & job boards trying to find the right path for my life is the foundation of what I do today, helping to educate & empower others to lead more fulfilling careers & lives. 

My mission is to change women’s perspectives of what is possible, empowering them to create greater impact at home & work WITHOUT sacrificing their health, time, family or income.

Key Topics I’d Love to Share with Your Audience . . .

    • The road to breakdown: Why we go through cycles of unfulfillment in our career
    • Lead the Leader: How to overcome workplace challenges 
    • Achieve work-life harmony & calm the chaos
    • Uncover the right path for you: Align work with your skills, passions & natural way of working
    • Set your job search up for success & avoid the biggest career change pitfalls 
    • Maximize your value & position yourself as the top candidate in the market
    • No, you don’t have to start over.  Leverage your skills & experience to elevate your career.
    • Why focusing on your resume & job boards will likely set you up for failure

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