I was at an impasse & wanted to make sure that the next move I made would set me up for the next 10-15 years of my career… I just wasn’t sure what that move should be. I’d spoken with so many different people, peers, mentors, & job placement resources to help me decipher what my skills were, but all of these were very surface level… I needed someone that could look at me from a different lens.

The Bridge to Fulfillment® did just that. It wasn’t cookie cutter – it dove down deeper than surface level & helped me explore the deeper meanings of what was really driving me, what made me happy, my values, while having intentional conversations about it all. I was able to come in & be vulnerable in a way I had never been able to before…and yet still feel supported & not feel alone in the journey because we had a group of women going through similar experiences. I came in hoping to gain clarity on what I enjoyed doing & what my next step was, honestly thinking I needed to change industries. What I uncovered was that what I needed was a role where I could bring my whole self, not just parts of me. That & the mindset shifts I have taken away from this program have been game-changing. So much of the way I was operating was out of fear, & when I realized I had nothing to lose & everything to gain, it changed my outlook completely.

I’ve gotten much more comfortable reaching out to strangers when networking & standing in my value. I now feel more motivated & free to try something new, even though it may scare me. I have clarity on my path & what I need to feel fulfilled, & I’m confident in what my future holds.

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