“I had just switched jobs & was 4 months into a new career path when we connected. I was tired of feeling emotionally & mentally plateaued. There was still a lot of upward mobility & growth in my career, but I wasn’t really invested in it. I wanted to regain the drive around what I was spending the bulk of my hours doing every day. Soon after I started the program, I got a random call from a doctor’s appointment & received some earth shattering news & I wondered if investing my time in the program was really worth it when I needed to take care of my health.

Honestly, it ended up being an incredibly supportive thing in my life, helping me realize I wasn’t alone & without it the whole situation would have been significantly worse… This program has not only helped me take care of my health – my stress level now is very low & I’ve been able to create boundaries with others at work – it’s given me a ton of clarity on the aspects of my job that I actually really love that I don’t think I would’ve identified on my own.

It’s also helped me change the story of what I’m telling others, shifting the focus from low-level tactical things to the huge strategy things I actually really love doing. This has made a tremendous impact in how I communicate my worth. But most importantly, it’s helped me realize that I’ve figured my way out of every situation. So regardless of what happens, the good and the bad, I’ll figure it out. And because of that, I have a lot less fear about my future.

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