I’d been at my company my entire career & in the same role for the last 4 years. I felt at a standstill, just going through the motions, but even though I’d felt like this for a while, I never made any steps forward to try & figure it out. I felt lost, exhausted, & overwhelmed.

When I started the program, I honestly thought it was going to be solely focused on career coaching – & that’s certainly a part of it, but it was the life coaching parts that really created impact & helped unlock so much more for me.

Interestingly enough, the role I ended up moving into was a higher-level role within the same company, but I had spent so much time focusing on the title & whether it was for me that I realized I was actually getting in my own way.

This program helped me articulate exactly what I wanted & advocate for it with my boss. When I finally told her, she was able to easily help me find a new role that could be a great fit…and it all came down to having that conversation strategically.

Now, I’m showing up as a better leader, partner, & mother. The new skills I’ve gained help me show up & create better relationships. I used to feel stretched thin & always multitasking just to stay afloat. Now, I’m more patient & intentional about how I spend my time. I’m using the skills I’ve learned to help others & to create a more positive environment around me as well.

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