I wish I had reached out to Blake a lot sooner, but I wasn’t sure that it would work for someone like me who had a more creative background. Even though I identified with a lot of what she talked about on the podcast, I didn’t see myself in the same realm as the powerful & inspirational women who shared their experiences.

After I made the call, I was totally put at ease. Speaking with Blake was like talking to an unbiased friend.I began to feel hope almost immediately. I felt like I had some clarity prior to the program, but Blake helped me dig even deeper & uncover my value. She helped me realize I was going against my grain for so long & that when I finally allowed myself to relax & do things my way…everything became so much simpler & the floodgates of opportunity opened.

I’ve been able to quadruple the amount of clients I have in my side business & have two great potential consulting positions in the works.

I now know my value & am seeing things in a completely different light where I’m in charge at the table,
not just the person interviewing me. I can go in knowing my value, my credentials, & feel more confident about myself so I can set down my own rules.

Blake challenged me & helped me become the version of myself I knew existed deep down.

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