“I wish this program had been around 10 years ago when I first needed it, but I’m glad I did it now because it will drastically change the rest of my life. When I joined, I’d been struggling with severe burnout, anxiety, & not sleeping well for years. There would be periods of time when all I could manage to do was get up in the morning, work, & go to bed at night. I was exhausted & didn’t have time for anything else. And yet, from the outside, I looked successful. I was growing in my career & getting promotions. I kept climbing the corporate ladder, but it was not necessarily in the direction I wanted to go. Inside, I felt out of control & guilty for not being happy with my success.

I’d worked with other coaches before & knew I needed more personalized & tailored support than what I’d gotten elsewhere. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this program, but I really thought it would largely be about my career. I thought it would just give me a path in corporate to follow. But it ended up giving me so much more. It opened up how to look at industries differently, how to look at when I’m in my realm of genius, and what I really excel at. It gave me much deeper clarity about myself & how I work best. It helped me take control of my calendar & become more productive, a better leader, and so much more in control of my life.

When I started, I dreaded what the future was going to look like. I was just hoping to survive to retirement. Now I feel comfortable that no matter what comes, I have transferable skills & know how to move forward. So I don’t want to retire – I want to be doing this for the rest of my life!”

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