“I’m a person who gives their all & I care so much, but when it came to the interview process or things I really wanted, I just felt like I was always falling short. For the longest time,I believed I just couldn’t communicate because I had such difficulty fitting in & feeling judged.

This program has not only helped me triumph over a belief that has limited me for 30+ years, it’s also made me a better communicator.

Blake helped me realize that when I find my right people & the right environment, it’s like magic.

Being able to now show up as I am & communicate what & how I want has given me so much power. I’ve felt such joy in reaching out & talking to so many different people who speak the same language I do. It’s beautiful & it’s effortless. I no longer feel like I have to say certain things to fit a structured mold.

I honestly feel like I know how to win because I am aligned with my secret sauce & I’m having a lot of fun. I’m in complete awe at how you bring out the best in me & everyone in this program.”

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