“Going through this program has been life changing for me. I honestly wish I could give this program to every woman I know.

I had found myself in this constant cycle of being unfulfilled, but not knowing exactly what I wanted. Having been in the professional industry for a while, I thought I already knew all that I needed. But not only did I learn how to position myself in a career, I learned how to position myself as a person. I learned so many life-long skills that I didn’t even think I needed.

I thank God for getting me to the point where I met you, because I didn’t think I could actually find everything I was looking for at one company. I landed a hybrid role that I’m really excited about, with unlimited sick time, paid maternity leave, a phenomenal 401k match, and a 41% pay increase!

I got so many things that I didn’t think were possible & that I worried I’d have to compromise on. It’s all thanks to you & this program.”

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