I came into The Bridge to Fulfillment® when I was working 60+ hour weeks consistently, feeling completely consumed by work, & ready to quit my job. At first, the program seemed too good to be true, but the way it is structured actually helped me take baby steps to slowly take back control of my calendar & life. For people in more structured jobs like accounting or finance, you can trust the process and not worry about the how of the program, because you will get there.

I’ve worked with therapists in the past & everything, and nothing has been as tangible as the results I’ve seen here. I’ve noticed growth both professionally & personally, from mindset shifts to daily habits & beliefs. I’m bringing a better Melissa to work, to my deliverables, relationships – everything – and everyone recognizes it! Because I’m clear on my secret sauce, I can ask for what I want and actually get it without needing to take on more responsibilities.

I came in thinking success would mean finding a new job by the end of the program and moving on, but I got out so much more than a new job – in fact, I’m still in the same job & much happier than before, doing work that I am more aligned with & passionate about…

My results in this program exceeded any expectations I could’ve had.

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