I wish I had met you 20 years ago. What you have done for me personally outweighs any career or financial gain I could have ever gotten through this program. I came into The Bridge to Fulfillment® thinking the career was the Holy Grail, & that you were going to fix my career. But really, you fixed me.

You fixed the way I perceive people looking at me & how I can help others. I’ve learned that I’m not perfect & I don’t have to strive to be. Unlocking some of those perfectionism roadblocks for me has been so darn freeing. As a result, I’m a whole lot more confident. It’s beautiful. And all of that happened in just the first month.

When I first started, I felt stuck & unhappy, but I didn’t know why…I was in the C-suite of a fantastic company & I just couldn’t put my finger on why. That feeling has dissipated now. I don’t feel stuck anymore. I feel excited that I have all these abundant opportunities.

I’m excited to ask questions, to network, to get help…because I’ve realized the beauty in not being perfect & that’s been life-changing. It’s helped me heal & finally step out of the box I’d created that was keeping me trapped.

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