“I’ve worked in HR for 25 years. I’ve negotiated many offers on the other side of the table, but it’s different when you’re doing it for yourself. Getting help really paid off because if I hadn’t been in this program and gotten the coaching from you, I think I probably would’ve negotiated a little more than what they offered, but certainly not all that I got. I was finally able to get that elusive VP title I always wanted, 1000s of dollars more, & the company’s first ever fully-remote role.

You said to me: “It’s not about what they’re willing to pay you, it’s what you are worth,” and you did the research to show me exactly what I was worth. That really shifted my thinking. It was a job search strategy I had never tried, nor imagined trying. I started to really stand in who I am, what I want, and what I knew would make me happy. I stopped trying to convince employers to hire me and just put out what I wanted and needed, whereas in the past I would’ve applied to any job I was remotely qualified for and hoped for the best.

The mindset shifts I had in this program alone were more than I ever expected to get out of it, but I also felt like the program was tailored towards me and met me where I was. It just wouldn’t have been effective for me to continue at the pace I was. I had to pivot and change, and you helped me do that. That was really important and valuable to me as I went through this journey.”

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