“The return on my investment has been far greater than what I put in or what I even expected.

When I first started talking to Blake, I was experiencing all of the symptoms of what was sure to be burnout soon. But once I started working through the program & gaining clarity, the anxiety kind of melted away. I was amazed at how quickly it happened. Within just the first couple of weeks, my husband said, ‘You seem very different, you seem happier, more relaxed, less stressed out.’ He was right. My stress & anxiety levels have been reduced by at least 70%.

My mental & physical health have improved and I am honestly just floored by the progress I’ve made & what I’ve learned about myself. This program has changed aspects of my life that I honestly didn’t believe were changeable. It’s almost like not being in a dark hole anymore. My family can see the hope in my eyes again & that alone has made it worth it.”

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